Ponni Rice 5kg

AED. 59.50

Product Facts:-

1.Crop /product name and cultivated place : Cereals, rice , palakkad
2.From the farm of : Somasekharan

3.Harvested and shipped time :
4.Product Type ( par boiled / double boiiled) : Par boiled
5.Specifications and speciality ( shelf life , weight , color) : 1 year, 1 kg , white
6.Method of farming (Land, Manures, Techniques) :Naturally Grown without  any chemicals application. No Additives & No Preservatives.
7.Season/ duration of cultivation :
8.Medicinal / Nutritional/ Cooking Facts :

Product Description:-

Ponni boiled rice is used by South Indians for everyday cooking as it goes well with currys.Ponni rice is mostly cultivated in tamil nadu and some parts of palakkad. Ponni rice is parboiled rice and steamed before milling and is partially boiled in the husk. Parboiling therefore makes parboiled white rice nutritionally similar to brown rice . 

Health Benefits:-

Ponni rice has got immense health benefits and is especially beneficial for diabetics and high blood sugar patients : high fiber, gluten free.