Uma Rice 1kg

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\Brown rice is a whole grain, meaning that it contains three parts of the grain kernel: the outer, fibre filled layer called the bran, the nutrient rich core called the germ, and the starchy middle layer called the endosperm. The outer inedible hull is removed. There are so many varieties of rice - including brown rice , white rice, and sticky rice ( glutinous rice )- but in terms of health benefits , not all are created equal. 



Product Facts:-

1.Crop /product name and cultivated place: Cereal, rice , Palakkad  

2.From the farm of : Jayaprakash
3.Harvested and shipped time:
4.Type ( par boiled / double boiled) : Par Boiled
5.Specifications and speciality ( shelf life , weight , color) : 1 year,1 kg, dark brown
6.Method of farming (Land, manures, Techniques) :Naturally Grown without  any chemicals application. No Additives & No Preservatives. 
7.Season/ duration of cultivation : June to Aug, Oct to Jan
8.Medicinal / Nutritional/ Cooking Facts: As a cereal grain , it is the most widely       consumed staple food for a large part of the worlds human population ,                 especially in India. 

Product Description:-

Uma rice is mostly grown in the fields of  palakkad and kuttanad and is a common variety of rice grown in kerala. Uma rice is like round shape and its commonly known as unda rice, it tastes good as its more sticky rice .


Health benefits:-

Uma rice with fibre in brown rice helps lower cholesterol, moves waste through the digestive tract, promotes fullness, and may help prevent the formation of blood clots. Some of the phytochemicals and minerals found in whole grains may be associated with a lower risk of certain cancers.