Red Banana/ Chenkathali 500g

AED. 9.00

Red Bananas from Kerala, India where it is popularly called Chenkathali. This variety of banana has a reddish-purple skin and are smaller and plumper than the common (Cavendish) banana. When ripe, raw red bananas have a flesh that is cream to light pink in color and are softer and sweeter with a slightly earthy flavor.

Nutritional Facts: The red banana has more beta carotene and vitamin C than yellow banana varieties. Like all bananas they are extremely healthy containing over 10 minerals (including potassium and manganese), 6 vitamins (including B3 and B6), lots of dietary fiber and are an excellent source of instant energy.

Medicinal Value: The potassium in banana are known to help prevent the formation of kidney stones and help in proper bone growth. Rich levels of anti-oxidants and minerals improve the quality of blood and boosts immunity. It is also known to help in weight loss by preventing binge eating and curbs cravings.

Names in Other Languages: English - Dacca banana, Red banana • Malayalam - Chovazha, Chenkadali (ചെങ്കദളി) • Hindi - Laal Kela (लाल केला) • Tamil - Sevvazhai (செவ்வாழை) • Tagalog - Morado • Sanskrit - Raktakadali (रक्तकदली)