Banana Chips 150g

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Crave some fresh snacks? FarmChimp brings you BANANA CHIPS made from all natural ingredients. You can now snack Fresh and Healthy!

Our Banana Chips are made from carefully selected plantains (ethakka banana) grown by farmers who practice natural farming methods. The raw fruit is sliced and fried in pure, unadulterated coconut oil by expert snack-makers. Natural turmeric and rock salt are used to enhance the color and taste.

Why Choose FarmChimp Snacks?

FarmChimp Snacks are prepared using natural ingredients all the way – from vegetables and spices grown using natural farming practices, to using healthier salt and sugar alternatives such as rock salt and jaggery, and using pure coconut oil for frying and preparation.

  • Made using natural ingredients only
  • No preservatives or harmful additives
  • No MSGs, artificial flavors or colors used
  • Only natural coconut oil is used in preparation and frying
  • Made from produce grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Plantain (Ethakka Banana), Coconut Oil, Turmeric and Rock Salt.