Cloves 50g

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Product Facts:

Crop /product name and cultivated place: Spice, Clove, Chinnar

From the farm of: Mr. Augustine Ampattu,

Type: Dried unopened flower bud

Specifications and specialty (shelf life, weight, color): 2- 3yrs, 50gm & Dark Brown

Method of farming (Land, Manures, Techniques): Grown deploying Natural Farming Practices without any fertilizers and pre or post pesticides. No Preservatives & Additives.

Season/ duration of cultivation: Once planted it takes 7-8 years before producing the yields.


Directly added to spice up in your dishes

Product Description:

Cloves are the dried flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree, an evergreen that grows up to about 30 feet.It is used as a spices for different dishes and pastries.It can also be used for medicinal purpose.

Health Benefits:

Contain important nutrients , high in antioxidants, kills off bacteria,supports liver health, helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. Its traditionally been used as an instant remedy for Tooth Aches.