Green Gram 500g

AED. 11.50

Product Facts:-

Crop /product name and cultivated place: Legume, Chitoor Palakkad

From the farm of: Dr. Pralob kumar

Harvested and shipped time:

Specifications and specialty ( shelf life , weight , color): 1 year , 500gm, green

Method of farming (Land, Manures, Techniques): Produced naturally without the application of any fertilizers or pre-post pesticides. No Preservatives & Additives Added.

Season/ duration of cultivation: Usually cultivated during the Farm Dry Periods of March until June

Product Description:-

Green gram is alternatively known as mung bean.It looks like a small,green seed and can be cooked in the same way as lentils.It is used as an ingredient in both savory and sweet  dishes. 

Health Benefits:-

It is rich in Nutrients. Regular consumption of green gram reduces the LDL cholesterol levels and Heart Disease risk.It improves blood lipids and lower blood pressure.It contains very low fat and calories.

How To Use:-

Green gram can be used to make various dishes and can even be had as a snack mixed with jaggery & grated coconut. It can also be sprouted and consumed in the morning.