Jeerakashala Rice 1kg

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Product Facts:-

Crop /product name and cultivated place:  Paddy , Jeerakasala rice , Ambalavayal Wayanad

From the farm of: Mr. Vasudevan

Harvested and shipped time:18 Jan 2019

Type (par boiled / double boiled): Par boiled & short in length

Specifications and specialty ( shelf life , weight , color): 1-1.5 yrs, 1kg, off white

Method of farming (Land, Manures, Techniques): Naturally Cultivated without using any form of chemicals. No  Added Preservatives & Additives. Farmchimp rices do not undergo any fumigation process to preserve its Natural Nutrition & Properties

Season/ duration of cultivation: It takes 150-180 days to get the seed cultivated from the harvesting date. Mostly grown in the Tropical climate.

Product Description:-

Jeerakasala rice also known as Wayanadan Kaima, is a popular traditional small aromatic rice . This rice itself has an aroma and it brings the smell of biriyani even without adding any masala for flavour . Rices are of small sizes & offers a unique texture.Popular delicacies like Thalassery Biryani special is prepared using this variety.

 How To Use:-

Biriyani & Ghee Rices prepared out of Jeerakashala is widely used in Northern Kerala, a Southern State in India. It offers a unique taste different from the long Basmathi Rice.

Health benefit:-

Jeerakashala Rice is high in soluble fibre and less in calories. Contains carbohydrates and proteins. Lower in fat and gluten. Rich source of vitamins which keeps heart, nervous system and digestive system in good health and are also beneficial for having healthy skin.