Ragi Pakkavada 100g

AED. 9.50

Product Facts:

Farmchimp Ragi Pakavada is made of naturally grown Finger Millet (ragi). Presence of Chillipowder & Pepper gives it a slight spicy taste. Roasted Gram, Cumin, Gingelly & Rock Salt are further added to enhance its taste & aroma with a crispy texture. Farmchimp Ragi Pakavada is fried in cold pressed coconut oil & A2 cow ghee is used to add to its taste, flavour & bring an extra softness.

Oil used: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Farmchimp Guarantee:

✓ Made from Natural Ingredients

✓ No preservatives used

✓ No colorants, synthetic taste enhancers or other adulterants

✓ Made from produce farmed without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Natural and Healthy Snacks produced in Kerala, India. Assures the quality of a home made healthy snack.

Product Description:

Ragi is known to help facilitate weight loss. It contains high dietary fibre, calcium and essentials amino acids which are beneficial for health, reduces cholesterol, treats anemia, increases lactation, reverts skin aging.