Rice Flakes 400g

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Product Facts:

Crop / Product name and cultivated place: Rice Flakes , Palakkad

From the farm of : Mr. Santhosh Arackal

Harvested and shipped time:May 2019

Product Type : From Jyothi Rice/ Flattened

Specifications and Specialty ( shelf life, weight, color): 1 year, 400 gm, Light pink

Method of farming (Land, Manures, Techniques) :Naturally Grown without  any chemicals application. No Additives & No Preservatives

Season/ Duration of cultivation: 120 days for the grain


Product Description:

Rice flakes are made from soaked rice grains in a Fixed temperature level after dehusking and making flattened into flat light dry flakes.

Farmchimp Red Rice Flakes are made of Jyothi Rice and its a great meal for the diabetics as they promote a slow release of sugar into the blood stream. 

Health Benefits:

Good source of instant energy as it is rice based,provides vitamin B1 and hence aids in stabilizing blood sugar. Amount of fiber present in flakes helps in weight lose.

How to cook:

Rice flakes can be used as a Snack and can also be taken as a breakfast cereal. A delicious snack can be made by adding Jaggery and Crushed Coconut. Rice flakes are also used in making Payasam & Uppma.