Ripe Banana Chips 150g

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Product Facts:

Farmchimp Ripe Banana Chip is made of naturally grown Plantain. It is fried in Cold Pressed Coconut Oil & naturally grown turmeric powder is added to enhance the product's colour, flavour & taste. Rock Salt, the form of salt that provides all the essential trace minerals and greatly improves the body's immune system is another ingredient in our Ripe Banana Chips.

Oil Used: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

The Farmchimp Guarantee:

✓ Made from Natural Ingredients

✓ No preservatives used

✓ No colorants, synthetic taste enhancers or other adulterants

✓ Made from produce farmed without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Natural and Healthy Snacks produced in Kerala, India. Assures the quality of a home made healthy snack.

Product Description:

Banana contains fructose sugar as they ripen. Riped bananas are excellent source of readily available energy and good source of several important nutrients. Dehydrated bananas are about four times higher in fibre, pottasium, carbohydrates, sugar and calories than the fresh variety.