Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 1ltr

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Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 1 Litre

Product Facts:

Crop /product name and cultivated place: Coconut Oil, Palakkad

Type: Dried coconut pressed in processed using Cold Press method to contain the amount of transmitted heat

Specifications and specialty (shelf life, weight, color): 1 year, 1 litre, Light Yellowish

Method of farming (Land, Manures, Techniques): Coconuts are farmed Naturally without using any chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Season/ Duration of cultivation: Available all season


For cooking and external usages on hair & skin 

Product Description:

Coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut . Coconut is first cut, then dried in sun and later is pressed in the processing plant for extracting oil.

Health Benefits:

Coconut oil is high in healthy saturated fats that have different effects than most other fats in your diet. Coconut oil helps to raise the good HDL cholestrol in your blood  , which is linked to reduced heart disease risk. Coconut oil is good for skin as it is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help preventing aging and damage to our skin and hair.